May 26, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Today i'm uh..just wanna share something right here..its about the new recruitment and will sentenced we knows, everyone who apply for the new job, i mean try to have an interview would be shortlisted by the company. so this happened lately to me and my friends..what happened? we'll wait and see ^^

My name is Michael Scofield and i'm a fugitve..three weeks ago bla..bla..bla..hehe some script in Prison my name is Muhammad Neweconomist and last two days, i'd received an email recently updated by Education Malaysia Jordan but this email was separated to others lately coz what, i don't know..maybe the in-charge person got busy with something else or i could say that, kalau xsuruh memang xkan buat..never-mind its doesn't a matter coz as long as the we know the news, it was in that email, i could say, whoa! all of my friends were separated and have been chosen by Director Jordan Islamic Bank to complete this posting in their branch in Jordan.

So the groups consist of two or three person and thats the best choice actually to have maximum three person in a group. after i read thats email, i could imagine how it would be begin..too much tachycardia while i was thinking about that..yeah first time get-in industry..i hope it will be better after this..hehe i almost forget to say that, i was placed at Jordan Islamic Bank, branch Ramtha, somewhere in Jordan and next day, i will visit that spot location..yeah you know what for i'm doing that..^^

Now, my final assessment was over, three days before i write this entry..although it is my last semester break here, i will expense it wisely coz i will miss this time when i were in Malaysia thats it..till we meet again next time..


QteenaHazman .: said...

bittaufiQ with ur practical!

kutip pengalaman bnyk2 smntara ade agy kat sni.nti tkut da blk msia terindu-rindu.hehe~

btw~ happy graduating! May success be yours,now and always~ =]

*cube mengkomen tanpa apa2 rasa jeles sbb org lmbt lagi grad.grr~ -.-' *

Muhammad Neweconomist said...

yep..thanks for de wish..

tu lah, nnti da balik mesia conpem xdtg da sini..nnti tgk gmbr kt sini, senyum sorg2..hehe

enshalla cbe amik sebnyk mungkin dlm mase
sebulan praktikal nih..^^

**lambat grad xpe, asal jgn xgrad suda..hehe nnti lecture note xnak berdamping dengan tuan die da..hehe

Dr_Lasix~ said...


mesti anda bakal merindukan waktu2 di cell...

Tahniah n selamat br'posting'...

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