Nov 15, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

My name is Michael Scofield and I’m fugitive. Three weeks ago, I was in prison, known as Fox River. I’m looking for someone guy name Lincoln Burrows; he’s my brother. I’m getting you out from here, said Michael. Are you have seen the blueprint, reply Lincoln. Better than that, get on my body. 17th days before the execution for my brother death, sit on electric chair. I should break him out from the prison. Eight convicts work together for the breaking out plan until the time remaining 24 hours from now, my brother schedule to die. The risks, the blueprint, the plan…

That was the beginning of the story. Now, what the real situation occurs in the real life. Is it just like before or there are changes for the future breaking out plan. My name is bla…bla…and I’m graduated from my educational sector and fly through the Labor Market. Three months ago, I was in my own state after I’d finished my Industry Practical in Jordan Islamic Bank (JIB) for a month. One month before, I’m looking for a job and future studies planning. I’ve applied for the new intake in INCEIF which September Intake and have short listed for the scholarship interview, in July. Unfortunately, the application was unsuccessful coz’ I’m still progressing on JIB at that particular time.

After had discussion with my friends, I’ve customize my schedule to make it suitable for the remaining period before I’m going home. I’ve tried to access the career chances through the Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs) and still continuing until now. Perhaps there is my turn to involve in the industry. What can I say that, at the end of the studies, everyone make their own ways, make a choice, make a decision, make a path in the real world. We’ve two choices after graduated, either enter the Labor Market or become an Academic Researcher. It’s depends on their own compatibility to strive.

For the one that looking for experience and wanna make some disposable income, I suggest that they are entering the Labor Force and becoming one of the industry players. It doesn’t make a sense if you not involve in your own industry but the thing is try to grab something new from another sector. In the other side, you could be an Academic Researcher while you continuing in your future studies. For those that are contribute here, I would like to recommend all of you make sure about your destination either still on the same sector or moving out but still have a connection between of them.

Don’t make a conspiracy like the investors made it before, we’ve everything but need a little faith in our life. Like Michael said to his brother after the first breaking out plan failed; just have a little faith. We’ve our friends every time, every second, every minute, but in their own ways; sometime they are busy with their patient treatment, sometime they are busy with their financial product to analyze, sometime they are busy with their broker stocks, sometime and sometime until the end. But one thing that makes a sense between us is the prayer. That is making us remaining together until now. All praises to Allah.


azlanshah | nabeeskhan said...

I'm touched!

Al-Bumbuni said...

so, what should we do right now...
we are leaving tonight! fish.

Syahnazrin Hashim said...

I'm in love with someone so special.. (Anggap komen aku sebagai spam)

Al-Bumbuni said...

tercampak ana bila dengar Michael Scofield beri salam pembuka bicara..

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