Jun 16, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.bt

Today i'm uh..just wanna make some update here..so i just type it..its all about the title that have made some ideas to elaborate it..this week, what can i said, i had meeting everyday and every night..so though huh..that's because........because of you?? haha..we'll see because of what..^^

Just like i'm said before, while in Prison Fox River, Michael had stress too because wanna complete the breaking out plan on its schedule..he has to face a lots of problems, be as a troublemaker, make some link in the prison and others. after his first plan was cancel, he come up with the new one and this time the plan was successful operated under the schedule and had make some additions in the team and we will leave tonight..hehe ^^

Ok that's enough for the movie scene, we back to the topic..so the real situation is my society have a big program at the end of this week..3 programs in one day and the last one for the next. after had attended all these, i just wanna say, whoa..more works need to complete during the due date..argh! just wanna scream..but i think about the long-run..so i said to myself..never-mind, just face it and you will fit with that problems later because every job has their owns problem.

Finally, the schedule right on his track right now..so tachycardia and hope everything clear and smooth until the end..^^ so after that i could breath for a while before come up with the letter of attachment in Jordan Islamic Bank..huh..so that is the story..till we meet again with the new one..time is not on our side..sorry for everything and thanks for something..^^


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