Jul 26, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

After what he'd done to you, you still want him to join the breaking out plan..huh..said Lincoln to Michael while both of them have some conversation out there. then Michael answered why he still wants John Abruzzi join his plan coz he has Private Jet Company that control under him. so that's only the ticket to their escaping plan. As we know before, Michael had an accident in the garage and get some bleeding at his foot..so that's opening for entry this time..

Finally, my last week for industry practical was coming through..let me give some overview for my past weeks in Jordan Islamic Bank. i have started on 3rd july and will be end on 31st july. i have thinking about how could i get covered for all department there. so i'd decided to enter the department by the week. so first week i have started with the basic department which is Account Department. This dept. divided by two main counter which is open new account & check payment from another bank means from conventional bank and also from Islamic bank and the second is personally withdraw, check payment for Jordan Islamic Bank only (get cash) and also saving account process. This dept. also has a supervisor and team leader to make all the bank progress efficient by the end of the day.

After three days i have worked, i could use the system while it's not in use..so it's better than just watching without do nothing..but i can't press ENTER button coz i'm not allowed to do that..hehe nnti shot plak bank tu..habis la..^^ here i have learned all the process means all type of transactions, after we withdraw the check, then we must separate it by branch and from the bank itself and for the saving transactions, it must going down by the system immediately. Last amount of money that was withdraw by customer is around JOD 30K..cash..so this transaction need permission from the director of bank.

The coming week, i was transfer to second floor and here there is four department actually which is Accounting Dept., Bills Dept., Investment Dept., and the last one..uh..i can't translate it to English..hehe ^^ so i start with the Bills Dept. which is operating under the Investment Dept. means there are collaboration both of them..Days by days, i'm feel comfortable with all the bank operations..so its better..in this second floor department, overview is based on investment sector..means type of services that are serve to customer like ordinary murabahah, ownership leasing (ijarah muntahiyah bil tamlik), murabahah amir bisyira, and others. these are for internal services and there are three types of bank services for external like i3timadah mustanadiyyah, tahwilat, and the third one..da lupe da..hehe..i will recover later..ok..

So, what i'm guess from the industry practical..uh..it so interesting and could be a good trainer for myself to build a better communication with public and take a part in social community..finally, i'm home in malaysia via KLIA..now i should try a bit harder to join with malaysia industry for my sector which is Economic and Islamic Banking..Praise be to Allah..^^

Conclusion is we should take all the chance as long as we could have it coz maybe it is the way for taking part in community life and the exit way from student life..we should practice all the theory that we have learned before..so i think this is the end for this entry..next time enshalla i will share my new experience in my new environment..till we meet again in the next entry..see you later..^^


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