Jun 19, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I just wanna say..uh..we leave tonight..what, tonight! are you crazy..we don't ready yet about that said sucre..you want read tomorrow paper that's eight convicts caught breaking out in the prison and were sentenced about ten years more for their punishment..whoa whoa i can't imagine that..this was happen after bellick find the hole in the room..so that's opening for this entry..^^

Finally, the days waiting for is today but i still worried about the handouts coz not completely ready for the event. while i arrive at the program, my assistant told me that vice director program ask about the handouts and i reply back, you don't have to worry, let me worry about that and i'm working on it. after i have made phone call to my boss, i ask about 30 minutes to find stationary shop to make photocopy all of this thing. so hopeless because there is no stationary shop open around irbid, so i make decision to find around duwar qubah..so far isn't but i don't have any choice. although it's far but i'm happy. i have found the shop and i'm his first customer..

The time shows about 15 minutes to 9.00 o'clock..argh! it's too late..i promise this would not be happen again..like i said before, i have 3 program on the spot, so yesterday i'd attended and come home late and so tired coz two days i'm not sleep if i sleep it's about 10 minutes only..i don't have mention about the meal coz i don't have time for that..so it doesn't a matter as long as my works have done, that's a real meal..^^

So my events start around 9.00 o'clock after i separate all the handouts to the audiences. after have a long meeting, we rest and continue with announcement from Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR) and Graduation Day BKMPJ. Finally, my jobs have already done and i not anymore as a treasurer BKMPJ..praise be to Allah. ^^ i can have a good sleep after this..yeah! but i'm still have a work to do..to much works need to be done before i start my posting..

Enshalla, this week i will complete all the task before and i will show off to Jordan Islamic Bank as a first step to make myself suitable with the place..so that's it. everyday i face the works..till we meet again with the new one..thanks for reading..^^


Anonymous said...

smg bnyk2 brsabar...
hujan yg lebat akan brakhir dgn pelangi yg cantik.

neweconomist said...

to anonymous

semoga pelangi yang cantik tu bertahan lama..btw thanks..

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