Sep 10, 2012


What's up?? Long time no see..huh.

So what's you doing..Nothing change at all..Oh yeah..You sure about that?? I don't know..I'm not sure about that..

Is there anything bothering you lately?? Erm..just take a look..huh..(bla..bla..bla) So, what's your point?? I just..uh..failed to login..maybe there is something wrong with my user ID and password..that's all..

Ok..Nice to meet you..See you later..huh..don't hang up while I'm phoned..(just smile)

See you next time..

Mar 10, 2012


Have you ever make it after the first one?? That’s the question. He who’s everybody knows his name try to make some changes with the world but still in dilemma. What should he do for his next move?? Is it stay on the same track or else??

Scylla is moving by our hands. That’s the last word he heard before he got an operation by specialist monitoring by general. Since the scene that involve his brother and the Scylla, he tries to make some agreement with the general to make sure that exchange for his brother life and Scylla is true and really happened.

Sometimes he’d entered his own comfort zone by viewing the past. Is it does make a change?? He just wonders that he couldn’t be like he should be. The question is how long he wants to be like that?? Like what?? He asked again. Someone said that the past is history. Yes! It is history and never happened again in the future.

Anthony Robbins, the problem solver said, no problems every time he met his guest. Even he has a critical problem, he always like that. No problems! After he had a session with his guest, there is no problem anymore. See. He who’s everybody knows his name should be like this one until he met his own solution for his owns good.

The Baked Choice’s, brand for the flour that already known for the better cookies and etc. When we talk about food, we always find the best for a good taste. Isn’t it?? Why not, he decides the best way for his next move. Isn’t it??

Nov 15, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

My name is Michael Scofield and I’m fugitive. Three weeks ago, I was in prison, known as Fox River. I’m looking for someone guy name Lincoln Burrows; he’s my brother. I’m getting you out from here, said Michael. Are you have seen the blueprint, reply Lincoln. Better than that, get on my body. 17th days before the execution for my brother death, sit on electric chair. I should break him out from the prison. Eight convicts work together for the breaking out plan until the time remaining 24 hours from now, my brother schedule to die. The risks, the blueprint, the plan…

That was the beginning of the story. Now, what the real situation occurs in the real life. Is it just like before or there are changes for the future breaking out plan. My name is bla…bla…and I’m graduated from my educational sector and fly through the Labor Market. Three months ago, I was in my own state after I’d finished my Industry Practical in Jordan Islamic Bank (JIB) for a month. One month before, I’m looking for a job and future studies planning. I’ve applied for the new intake in INCEIF which September Intake and have short listed for the scholarship interview, in July. Unfortunately, the application was unsuccessful coz’ I’m still progressing on JIB at that particular time.

After had discussion with my friends, I’ve customize my schedule to make it suitable for the remaining period before I’m going home. I’ve tried to access the career chances through the Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs) and still continuing until now. Perhaps there is my turn to involve in the industry. What can I say that, at the end of the studies, everyone make their own ways, make a choice, make a decision, make a path in the real world. We’ve two choices after graduated, either enter the Labor Market or become an Academic Researcher. It’s depends on their own compatibility to strive.

For the one that looking for experience and wanna make some disposable income, I suggest that they are entering the Labor Force and becoming one of the industry players. It doesn’t make a sense if you not involve in your own industry but the thing is try to grab something new from another sector. In the other side, you could be an Academic Researcher while you continuing in your future studies. For those that are contribute here, I would like to recommend all of you make sure about your destination either still on the same sector or moving out but still have a connection between of them.

Don’t make a conspiracy like the investors made it before, we’ve everything but need a little faith in our life. Like Michael said to his brother after the first breaking out plan failed; just have a little faith. We’ve our friends every time, every second, every minute, but in their own ways; sometime they are busy with their patient treatment, sometime they are busy with their financial product to analyze, sometime they are busy with their broker stocks, sometime and sometime until the end. But one thing that makes a sense between us is the prayer. That is making us remaining together until now. All praises to Allah.

Jul 26, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

After what he'd done to you, you still want him to join the breaking out plan..huh..said Lincoln to Michael while both of them have some conversation out there. then Michael answered why he still wants John Abruzzi join his plan coz he has Private Jet Company that control under him. so that's only the ticket to their escaping plan. As we know before, Michael had an accident in the garage and get some bleeding at his that's opening for entry this time..

Finally, my last week for industry practical was coming through..let me give some overview for my past weeks in Jordan Islamic Bank. i have started on 3rd july and will be end on 31st july. i have thinking about how could i get covered for all department there. so i'd decided to enter the department by the week. so first week i have started with the basic department which is Account Department. This dept. divided by two main counter which is open new account & check payment from another bank means from conventional bank and also from Islamic bank and the second is personally withdraw, check payment for Jordan Islamic Bank only (get cash) and also saving account process. This dept. also has a supervisor and team leader to make all the bank progress efficient by the end of the day.

After three days i have worked, i could use the system while it's not in it's better than just watching without do nothing..but i can't press ENTER button coz i'm not allowed to do that..hehe nnti shot plak bank tu..habis la..^^ here i have learned all the process means all type of transactions, after we withdraw the check, then we must separate it by branch and from the bank itself and for the saving transactions, it must going down by the system immediately. Last amount of money that was withdraw by customer is around JOD this transaction need permission from the director of bank.

The coming week, i was transfer to second floor and here there is four department actually which is Accounting Dept., Bills Dept., Investment Dept., and the last one..uh..i can't translate it to English..hehe ^^ so i start with the Bills Dept. which is operating under the Investment Dept. means there are collaboration both of them..Days by days, i'm feel comfortable with all the bank its this second floor department, overview is based on investment sector..means type of services that are serve to customer like ordinary murabahah, ownership leasing (ijarah muntahiyah bil tamlik), murabahah amir bisyira, and others. these are for internal services and there are three types of bank services for external like i3timadah mustanadiyyah, tahwilat, and the third one..da lupe da..hehe..i will recover later..ok..

So, what i'm guess from the industry so interesting and could be a good trainer for myself to build a better communication with public and take a part in social community..finally, i'm home in malaysia via i should try a bit harder to join with malaysia industry for my sector which is Economic and Islamic Banking..Praise be to Allah..^^

Conclusion is we should take all the chance as long as we could have it coz maybe it is the way for taking part in community life and the exit way from student life..we should practice all the theory that we have learned i think this is the end for this time enshalla i will share my new experience in my new environment..till we meet again in the next entry..see you later..^^

Jun 19, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

After i'd made a phone call to my home, i wanna write something here..just wanna share coz everyone shares why not me ^^. while Lincoln was sentenced to death today, he ask permission to sit with his family members for the last, so his permission was accepted. his last visitation was attended by Michael, his brother, and veronica, his friend with his last supper which is blueberry pancake..after a long conversation, it's time to sit on electrical chair. so sad huh..and the family members could see the punishment in the specific room..

While Lincoln sit, he like a says something to Michael but uh.. Michael don't get it..until the curtain was body knows what happen in there..........finally, Michael heard a walk chain come to the was his brother coz his execution was cancelled for a while. Lincoln ask his brother, did you see who was in the room..he answered was him..him?? i mean was here, in that room, that guy with a blue cap..bla..bla..bla ^^ that's for this entry..

so that's his father, how about my father..^^ my father's name is Mohd Sarif Ismail. he was born in Kelantan and after finished his school there, means primary and secondary school and also have been married here, he moves to Pahang coz he gets an offered job as a fireman at Pelabuhan Kuantan. so from that my dad and my mom lives here, in Pahang but the languages was assorted with original languages which loghat Kelantan..nice huh..^^ after a long period, it's about years and years, my dad become an officer of his department and nowadays, Pelabuhan Kuantan has separate into two organization which is Kuantan Port Concortium (KPC) Sdn. Bhd. and also Pelabuhan Kuantan. sometimes my dad also a soldier which is Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM) so that's why he is a though man like Lincoln..hehe just kidding ^^

I respect his style while train his child how to see the world, first, he gives education to all his child then some good manners how to interact with the world..yeah, from primary school until now..he always told his child to be someone yang berdikari so no needs la untuk bergantung dengan orang lain..selagi ade kemampuan untuk buat sendiri, kita buat sendiri..bukan ape kalau suruh orang ni, kita tidak tahu, orang tu macam that's why la my dad teach us like that..hehe While he was in army, he always have an outstation out from Pahang so that was the best moment because when he comes home, he will story his experience to his child and have a dinner with army delicious i hope i could have a meal like that after this..hehe

Every mistake has a punishment so like me and the others siblings, if i'm not get punishment from my dad before, i couldn't being a man now..yeah you know, budak-budak, kalau tak kena pukul, jadi meto manggok la..suka buat perkara-perkara yang tak i agree with that punishment..hehe everybody has his owns ways to teach or train his child to be a good insane. so that's a long story and the best memory i have with this entry i just wanna say Happy Fathers Day to my beloved father..i know he would not read this entry coz he doesn't have time to do that..^^

I love my dad so much and to my mom don't be jealous, i love you too..hehe ^^ dah tak sabar nak balik jumpa that's all for this entry.. i hope u guys enjoyed while reading it..till we meet again with the next entry..^^


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I just wanna say..uh..we leave tonight..what, tonight! are you crazy..we don't ready yet about that said want read tomorrow paper that's eight convicts caught breaking out in the prison and were sentenced about ten years more for their punishment..whoa whoa i can't imagine that..this was happen after bellick find the hole in the that's opening for this entry..^^

Finally, the days waiting for is today but i still worried about the handouts coz not completely ready for the event. while i arrive at the program, my assistant told me that vice director program ask about the handouts and i reply back, you don't have to worry, let me worry about that and i'm working on it. after i have made phone call to my boss, i ask about 30 minutes to find stationary shop to make photocopy all of this thing. so hopeless because there is no stationary shop open around irbid, so i make decision to find around duwar far isn't but i don't have any choice. although it's far but i'm happy. i have found the shop and i'm his first customer..

The time shows about 15 minutes to 9.00 o'clock..argh! it's too late..i promise this would not be happen i said before, i have 3 program on the spot, so yesterday i'd attended and come home late and so tired coz two days i'm not sleep if i sleep it's about 10 minutes only..i don't have mention about the meal coz i don't have time for it doesn't a matter as long as my works have done, that's a real meal..^^

So my events start around 9.00 o'clock after i separate all the handouts to the audiences. after have a long meeting, we rest and continue with announcement from Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR) and Graduation Day BKMPJ. Finally, my jobs have already done and i not anymore as a treasurer BKMPJ..praise be to Allah. ^^ i can have a good sleep after this..yeah! but i'm still have a work to much works need to be done before i start my posting..

Enshalla, this week i will complete all the task before and i will show off to Jordan Islamic Bank as a first step to make myself suitable with the that's it. everyday i face the works..till we meet again with the new one..thanks for reading..^^

Jun 16, 2011



Today i'm uh..just wanna make some update i just type it..its all about the title that have made some ideas to elaborate it..this week, what can i said, i had meeting everyday and every though huh..that's because........because of you?? haha..we'll see because of what..^^

Just like i'm said before, while in Prison Fox River, Michael had stress too because wanna complete the breaking out plan on its schedule..he has to face a lots of problems, be as a troublemaker, make some link in the prison and others. after his first plan was cancel, he come up with the new one and this time the plan was successful operated under the schedule and had make some additions in the team and we will leave tonight..hehe ^^

Ok that's enough for the movie scene, we back to the the real situation is my society have a big program at the end of this week..3 programs in one day and the last one for the next. after had attended all these, i just wanna say, whoa..more works need to complete during the due date..argh! just wanna scream..but i think about the i said to myself..never-mind, just face it and you will fit with that problems later because every job has their owns problem.

Finally, the schedule right on his track right tachycardia and hope everything clear and smooth until the end..^^ so after that i could breath for a while before come up with the letter of attachment in Jordan Islamic that is the story..till we meet again with the new one..time is not on our side..sorry for everything and thanks for something..^^
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