Mar 10, 2012


Have you ever make it after the first one?? That’s the question. He who’s everybody knows his name try to make some changes with the world but still in dilemma. What should he do for his next move?? Is it stay on the same track or else??

Scylla is moving by our hands. That’s the last word he heard before he got an operation by specialist monitoring by general. Since the scene that involve his brother and the Scylla, he tries to make some agreement with the general to make sure that exchange for his brother life and Scylla is true and really happened.

Sometimes he’d entered his own comfort zone by viewing the past. Is it does make a change?? He just wonders that he couldn’t be like he should be. The question is how long he wants to be like that?? Like what?? He asked again. Someone said that the past is history. Yes! It is history and never happened again in the future.

Anthony Robbins, the problem solver said, no problems every time he met his guest. Even he has a critical problem, he always like that. No problems! After he had a session with his guest, there is no problem anymore. See. He who’s everybody knows his name should be like this one until he met his own solution for his owns good.

The Baked Choice’s, brand for the flour that already known for the better cookies and etc. When we talk about food, we always find the best for a good taste. Isn’t it?? Why not, he decides the best way for his next move. Isn’t it??


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