May 16, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Entry kali ni just wanna say about my final assessment for this last semester. So what is relationship with the title..haha Don't forget to stay with us until the end of the story..^^

Gen-Pop or we can say it General Population. This word was used among the convicts like me and the other prisoner when we are stayed in there for a period in the prison there is a lot of people with their attitude, yeah we could say that coz what, anybodies who are convicts either he is victim or truly bad guy, they would be placed in the same place..How about cell?? its depend on boss in-charge at that particular time..(haha..mau x cuak dapat cell-mate yang pelik2)..ok thats enough. No need to story it coz thats not important.

So, this month as known as May in our calendar was selected as final assessment week for this semester..actually, my last semester over a student, there is nothing to say if examination were coming through..coz it should be known what to do and what should not..when this assessment week begin, tetibe je my second mood come through then fusion with my mind and what happening next..we will see..

As a prisoner or cons for myself, i locked down my cell 24H and just open-up if necessary for doing that like P.I Crew (Prison Industries), Yard-Time and Cell Test and etc..actually this is not properly to be like that buz i have be it..For this semester, i took six papers which are planned ambil 6 and study and study, i'd noticed that i was stand up for my first, second, third, fourth paper..kire okla..btw my cell was known as Cell-66 and there is a signboard showed up a font that called Staff Only..haha..means what, u know what i'm saying..

After this final assessment, i have some leaves to complete the other task..yeah, u know to make some sense, we should go for it..haha..over this week occur, i had make a lot of mistake coz i just uh..i don't get it..(maybe what i'm thinking does not same like the others..but xpelah, i promise myself don't repeat that mistake until we meet again..mark my word)..when the Yard-Time come over, i still do the job but with a little bit 'damage' but i have to do it so..then Boss will walk over me then say "Hey ladies, party was over!" i broke it up..while P.I Crew time is coming, i change my appearance to be like sepatutnye la..(bak kate P.Ramlee, xkan nak pakai kain pergi mintak kerja..haha)..

'well, not everybody gonna have a ticket' said, John Abruzzi, my partner in P.I Crew. so i like that word coz its mean something for me, for u and for the others..and i would like to tell u that this story was adapted and i create it for my shot in here..yes right for the end of this entry, i wanna share something, which is 'u got a couple foxes in ur hen house'..till we meet again in the next post..


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